TravelSim PH is a game changer for me when it comes to traveling. Gone are the days when I'd have to line up at airports or scour the city looking for a local sim to keep me connected. I've been using TravelSim PH for my past 2 travels in Seoul and Bangkok this summer. No issues on both instance with very easy instructions to use. That's why I'm ordering again for my upcoming trips and I never ever fail to recommend to friends. When I see posts about travel, I automatically tag Travel Sim PH to suggest getting their prepaid sim.

Carmel Rivadelo-Villongco

It was my first time to try TravelSim Ph but definitely not my last. It’s so easy to use with a step by step instructions attached at the back. There wasn’t any issues involved. Every place in the US has strong signal and it’s really cheap. Placing my order wasn’t even a hastle because they replied and answered all my questions right away. Thank you so much, Travelsim Ph!

Jullianah Torres Palalay

I recently went to Australia and New Zealand and the Europe & USA Unlimited Data Sim worked perfectly! Plus points for their prompt and courteous service. I'm flying to the USA and Iceland in a few hours and I just purchased another sim card.

Cedric Valera

i have heard of good reviews from other users about TravelSim PH, and when i traveled with my family to hongkong, i tried their sim, very hassle free, easy to use and it is working non stop until we came back here in the philippines. so to our next travel again, i will not have to worry again of searching for connection anymore, just plug in the sim and ready to go.

Fefee Manto Sin

I have used sim cards from Travel Sim Ph when I went to Bulgaria and China last July. It was a lifesaver being able to have internet anywhere we go. It was reliable, fast and easy. I highly recommend sims from Travel Sim Ph to anyone who will travel abroad.

Carol Carol

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