Cuniq USA Canada Mexico 30 Days 18GB Unlimited Data

Cuniq USA Canada Mexico 30 Days 18GB Unlimited Data

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●  30 Days Unlimited Data in Mainland USA

● 18GB of high speed data for 30 days and throttling low speed of 128kbps after 600mb daily

(Data Limited to 600mb high speed data per day for 30 days)

(Once your data usage reaches 600mb “Fair Usage level”, the upload/download speed would be reduced and restricted but not below 128kbps and tethering/hotspot services would not be available.  High speed data will refresh at 12:00am the following day Philippine time)

●  Data services only.  No calls and sms.

●  3-in-1 sim size - nano, micro and standard size

●  Supports mobile hotspot/tethering only up to 600mb data per day


(not compatible with devices purchased from telecom providers)

(not compatible with pocket wifi devices/routers 

●  No registration required

●  User guide included  

●  Service Provider:  China Unicom

●  Sim Expiry: 

●  This card is for one-time use only